5 Siblings Of Popular Cricketers Who Played Other Sports

Cricket is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Athletes who do well in this game have a large scope to attain instant popularity. However, at times, other sportspersons in the same family go unnoticed. They usually remain under the shadow of their siblings, who are popular cricketers. In this article, we take a look at five siblings of popular cricketers who played others sports apart from cricket.


1) Brandon Starc – High Jump

Brother of Mitchell Starc (Australia)

Brandon Starc is one of the members of this list of siblings of popular cricketers who played others sports. The High jumper from Australia happens to be the younger brother of pacer Mitchell Starc. Brandon has represented his country in the 2016 Rio Olympics and has currently reached the final of the Tokyo Olympics.


Brandon had a disappointment when he came last in the final at the Rio Olympics. However, by winning a Gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, he got back to form. Mitchell has always been vocal about his support for his younger brother.

2) Melissa Marsh – Basketball

Sister of Shaun Marsh and Mitchell Marsh (Australia)

The Marsh’s are one of the popular cricketing families. While Geoff Marsh won the World Cup in 1987, sons Mitchell and Shaun have done pretty well for the country at the highest level. Interestingly, Melissa Marsh, who is the second sibling, has played football in Australia.


Melissa, who retired at the age of 29, has played 266 games in the Women’s National Basketball League across 14 years. In her career, Melissa has represented Perth and Adelaide.

3) Graham Marsh – Golf

Brother of Rod Marsh (Australia)

Graham Marsh is one of the members of this list of siblings of popular cricketers who played others sports. He was a popular golfer, having accumulated 70 tournament victories over his illustrious career. This includes victories in the European Tour, PGA Tour in the United States and titles in India and Malaysia.


On the other hand, Rod Marsh was one of the best wicket-keepers for Australia. He played in 96 Tests and formed a productive partnership with legendary bowler Dennis Lillee. Together, the duo combined for 95 wickets, a record in the history of the game. Interestingly, both Dennis and Rod started and ended their International career with the same games.

4) Leslie Compton – Football

Brother of Denis Compton (England)

One of the very few players to score over 100 FC centuries, Denis Compton played a total of 78 Tests for England. He is also a member of the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame. Interestingly, he also played football at the highest level, representing Arsenal.


In a more baffling fact, Denis Compton’s brother Leslie has also played both professional cricket and football. However, unlike his brother, Leslie was more popular as a footballer. For most of his peak career, Leslie played for Arsenal. The brother-duo has also won silverware together for the London-based club.

5) Nick Cullen – Golf

Brother of Dan Cullen (Australia)

At his peak in domestic cricket, Dan Cullen was considered the No.1 long-term replacement option for Shane Warne. However, owing to bad form, he could not achieve that. Yet, he played a Test and five ODIs for the country.


However, his twin brother Nick Cullen is a successful golfer. In 2014, he won the Australian Masters title, which is one of the elite competitions in the sport. He has two professional wins, which two of them coming in the PGA Tour of Australasia.

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