5 Popular Brother Duos Who Have Represented Their Country In Cricket Together

Playing cricket for your country is a thing of honour in itself, and when you have your brother playing alongside you in your team, there’s no better feeling out there that could replace or replicate it. There have been some fortunate cricketers who have gotten the chance to play for their national team with their brother by their side. So, here’s a look at 5 such brother duos who played cricket for their country together.

1. Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan

Their name is unknown to the fans of the game of cricket in India, Yusuf Pathan and Irfan Pathan, as the two rose to fame after starting out their cricketing careers playing in Baroda. They rose up the ladder of success quickly and even were on the same team on multiple occasions while playing for India.

Both of these players won World Cup titles, as they were on the team that won the 2007 World T20, where Irfan starred, with the ODI one, being won by the elder one of the two Yusuf Pathan in 2011.


2. Mark Waugh and Steve Waugh

There have been very few players who have made their mark on international cricket, as much as these players have. Mark Waugh and Steve Waugh both in their hey-days were some of the strongest players that played the game and their name still stands now as the example of how cricket is to be played by professionals.

And, to add to this, it is the fact that they were twin brothers and a part of the Aussie team that lifted the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

3. Nathan McCullum and Brendon McCullum

The most popular of the brother duos in cricket from New Zealand, named Brendon and Nathan McCullum, may not have spent a lot of time together on the field. But when they did, they made sure that they made the opponent take notice of their presence on the field.


Their levels of success and fame are unarguably on different levels, but they would have definitely cherished, living their childhood dream of playing cricket for their country at the highest level.

4. Shaun Marsh and Mitchell Marsh

The only active duo on this list, Mitchell Marsh and Shaun Marsh, since the time that they have started playing cricket together for Australia, they have become the backbone of the side. The way they have contributed to the Australian Team’s success in recent years has gotten them enough chances to play for the Australian cricket team.

Both these players contribute in their own unique way and have come to be very valuable assets for their team.


5. Andy Flower and Grant Flower

If the phrase, ‘cricket runs in their veins’ was a reality, Andy and Grant Flower would be the best specimen for the same in the brother duos. They came, they conquered, and they left. Two unassuming brothers from a team that was at its best a serious threat to any side in the world, both Andy and Grant were undoubtedly one of the best cricket players of their generation, the ones whose names are celebrated till date.

Andy was the captain of the team in his time and his brother Grant was one of the most successful players of the country on the stats sheet. He played in 298 international matches for his team and scored 10,028 runs while taking 129 wickets too.


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