5 Players who could hit the biggest six in IPL 2021

The Indian Premier League has been known to be a tournament where even the best of the batsmen, who are dominant in their own capacities, fail to perform. But, there are certain players who defy all odds and make it through to become some of the most cherished names. So here’s a look at the 5 players who could dominate the bowlers and hit the biggest six in IPL 2021.

5. MS Dhoni

One of those players who has been known to hit mammoth sixes at will, MS Dhoni is a player who has in the past and still can hit the biggest six in IPL 2021. Even though he has taken retirement from international cricket and many believe that he has lost that edge to be the same MS Dhoni that everyone looked up to back in the day, but, every time that he is out there to play, he is there to prove everyone wrong. He hit the longest six of the tournament in IPL 2012 and he has shown recently that he still has got it in him to hit the ball to distances of over 100 meters.

4. Chris Gayle

The man who calls himself the ‘Universe Boss’, Chris Gayle is one of the few names to have become the face of T20 Cricket. Having played over 100 games in the Indian Premier League, Chris Gayle has time and again proven why he calls himself the ‘Universe Boss’ and the same is approved by the entire cricketing community.


Just like Dhoni, he is a veteran who has hit the longest six of the tournament in the past and as it is the case with his counterpart, he’s still got it. He has over 300 sixes so far, and who knows, the very next ball he hits out of the ground may be the one that becomes the biggest six in IPL 2021.

3. AB de Villiers

Called ‘Mr 360’ by the fans and the members of the cricketing community, AB de Villiers is another entrant in this list who can, in a true sense be called an IPL veteran, is a player who has the definite potential to hit the biggest six in IPL 2021.

Unlike the previous two entrants in the list, AB de Villiers has not been at the pinnacle yet, but there is no doubt that he is a player who definitely can hit the holy grail six of the tournament. Having the ability to hit the ball anywhere in the park, de Villiers can hit the ball to any distances too, and many of his 236 hits have come close to breaking the barrier, but have not been able to. Yet.


2. Andre Russell

The second West Indian hitting powerhouse to come into this list, Andre Russell, just like the other players in this list, Russell’s name would pop up in any list or answer regarding hitting sixes in the shortest format of the game. Playing for the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, Russell’s firepower has been the core of the team for years now.

The fact that Russell has hit 107 fours and as many as 129 sixes, shows the six-hitting prowess that this batsman holds in him. Ask any fan of the game or the tournament, irrespective of his or her affection towards any franchise or player, everyone would agree that Russell is definitely a player who can hit the biggest six in IPL 2021.

1. Kieron Pollard

Another West Indian batting powerhouse, Kieron Pollard,  whose name has become synonymous with the tournament, just by the virtue of the games and the quality of his performances that he has given the fans and his teams to cherish, over the years is another player who has the years behind him to make him a contender to hit the biggest six in IPL 2021.


Pollard is one of those players who can defeat the bowlers both by skill and power. And, it is this quality of his that makes him the player he is now and has been in the 150 innings that he has played in.

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