4 WWE Couples Whose Breakup Hurt The Fans A Lot

As seen throughout the forty-year-long tenure of the global juggernaut, WWE, many male and female stars were paired onscreen for storyline bookings. Many at times, these onscreen pairings would translate into real-life couples, while others would part ways following the end of their programs.

However, there have been some pairs in WWE that could have been an excellent couple had they stuck together in real life. Here are the top four WWE pairs that could have gone a long way:

1. Cody Rhodes & Kaitlyn

The reigning poster boy of WWE, Cody Rhodes was involved with former WWE superstar, Kaitlyn during his time as part of the Rhodes Scholars team with Damien Sandow. The duo was seen together and many believed his new relationship could be the start of his long-awaited face turn to elevate his career further.


However, the angle was dropped before it reached its definite conclusion before WrestleMania 28 leaving the fans wondering what could have turned out between them in the long run.

2. CM Punk & Beth Phoenix

As it is known, CM Punk was quite a player among women, having dated some of the most beautiful WWE stars in his tenure. In the year 2011, which proved to be the best year for him in WWE, he was involved in a relationship with the top star of the women’s division, Beth Phoenix. Punk and Phoenix had a great bond together, but shared onscreen space only once during the latter’s involvement in the Men’s Royal Rumble.

Eventually, they were not meant to be a long-term thing as many hoped, as Punk married AJ Lee while Beth found love with current AEW Star Adam Copeland.


3. Kurt Angle & Stephanie McMahon

At the height of the Attitude Era, Kurt Angle was paired with Vince McMahon’s young daughter, Stephanie McMahon at the time. The duo were spotted in various segments, and matches and even shared a brief romantic moment too.

However, they would go down their separate roads later on, as Kurt Angle focused more on his wrestling career while Stephanie McMahon married The Game Triple H in 2002.

4. Eric Bischoff & Stephanie McMahon

Another heated yet surprising pairing that was brewing up in 2002 was between RAW & SmackDown General Managers, Eric Bischoff and Stephanie McMahon. Their roles forced them to go back and forth against each other on numerous occasions.


However, the two rivals shared a brief romantic moment on SmackDown’s Halloween edition. While things pointed towards a pairing at the time, the angle was dropped in what could have been an interesting chemistry between the rival General Managers at the time.

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