3 nations that can target Jonathan Trott as the next Head Coach

Jonathan Trott is doing a wonderful job as the Head Coach of the Afghanistan Cricket Team. Obviously, the former English batter would look at the next step in his career. He would want to coach a high-profile team that can win a major ICC event in the next few years. Some teams, as well, might go behind him. Here, we take a look at three nations that can target Jonathan Trott as the next Head Coach.

1) England

Matthew Mott has not had a good run in the 2023 ODI World Cup. Yes, he helped England win the 2022 T20 World Cup but the bigger target was the ODI World Cup. England had to put on a decent fight but they have failed to do that till now.

Trott would be an attractive choice for England. He is a home-grown cricketer and knows a lot about English cricket, as well. Aware of the modern trends in the game, Trott would be suitable for the position.


2) Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the nations that can target Jonathan Trott as the next Head Coach. Considering the mess that the team is in, Pakistan could look at a wholesale change in the support staff. The Head Coach could also be fired.

Trott would be a great option for Pakistan. However, it needs to be seen if Trott would be willing to accept this challenge. It would be a bold move if he accepted it.

3) Australia

It won’t be a surprise if Australia parts ways with Andrew McDonald after the 2023 ODI World Cup. Some of his decisions have been baffling and did not help Australia in the initial games.


Yes, he is an Englishman but Australia would be more focussed on what Trott brings to the table. He would be an aggressive choice as the Head Coach if it happens. It would be a major surprise, as well.

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