“You know she’s the best even when Paul Heyman doesn’t pick up the mic before her”, Twitter split on how good has been Samantha Irwin as an announcer

Here’s a fun fact about entertainment wrestling and that is no matter how prolific your grappler are, the story never meets it’s conclu​​sion without a storyteller and that the story starts with that long long long announcement where you get to hear the name of the wrestlers, you know, it’s time for some better of action. Samantha Irvin is one of the WWE announcers.

The current WWE roster comprises a flurry of impressive announcers that does a sublime job of announcing the names that sends your adrenaline high up the roof. Well, Paul Heyman would have been a gem of an announcer too but nevertheless he is phenomenal when it comes to using his mic skills like a boss.

Here is what Twitter had to say about Samantha Irvin

A new name in the hunt is that of Samantha Irvin and believe this or not, she is actually turning the heat on, not just with her looks but her words and delivery are just too perfect to be ignored by any wrestling fan.


However, she has kind of a mixed reaction to herself on the pedestal as the WWE universe on one hand adores her but somehow believes that the industry can do much better when it comes to ring announcements.

Here is a possible reason for the vitriol and that is of the shuffle in tones. Maybe the ilk of voices that we have so far been used to, the shrill nature of her voice somehow neutralizes that baritone.

But then again, it is always fun to jumble things up a bit and try something new. Unless there is an experiment, you never know what really works your way and what doesn’t.


This is exactly where Samantha comes in. She is a beauty and her way of announcement has a personal touch to it. She may not bring that rowdy noise but what she does bring is the kind of brilliance where she fuses excitement with some high pumping adrenaline.

Maybe she is slightly ahead of her time but then again it’s all a part and parcel of the wrestling industry. This is how it has always moved forward. As we eye the bigger picture the inclusion of Samantha also signifies that WWE is broadening it’s horizon and it’s indeed a treat for the eyes. Here is what the WWE universe had to say about Samantha.


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