5 things that could happen at WWE Money in the Bank 2021

Money in the Bank 2021 is WWE’s next PPV stop. The fans will finally return to WWE arena. Unlike WrestleMania 37, the fans will return full-time now. The first show with a live audience will be the SmackDown episode before MITB. Soon, all shows will have live audience.


WWE has some big things planned for SummerSlam 2021. The buildup for the same should begin at Money in the Bank. It is the last PPV event before SummerSlam. WWE fans expect some big things for the show. Here are five things that could happen at Money in the Bank 2021.

1. Becky Lynch could return at Money in the Bank 2021

Becky Lynch has been away from WWE for quite some time. She is a former women’s champion. In fact, she was the RAW Women’s title holder before she announced her pregnancy. Becky is back in shape after becoming a mother. She has been sweating hard in the gym.


Lynch will most likely return to RAW. Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair will face each other for the RAW Women’s title. It is likely that The Man can return after the match ends. A feud between Becky and Rhea could be entertaining. It could give RAW some much-needed momentum.

2. John Cena takes out Roman Reigns after his Universal title match

At the moment, Roman Reigns is scheduled to defend his Universal title against Edge. Initially, Seth Rollins seemed to be the challenger. However, Edge’s unexpected return changed the title picture. Rollins is rumored to face Edge at SummerSlam. Meanwhile, Roman is likely to face Cena.

As per rumors, Cena will return on SmackDown before Money in the Bank 2021. So, he can clarify he wants the Universal title there. Then, he can attack the winner of the title bout at MITB. Roman Reigns is most likely to win that match. Hence, Cena could take him out after his bout.


3. Seth Rollins costs Edge his maiden Universal title

As mentioned earlier, Edge’s rumored SummerSlam opponent is Edge. Hence, this feud should start soon. Seth Rollins could either interfere in the Universal title match. Or else, he can attack him before the match. If the latter happens, Roman can win by pinning Edge.

In the second scenario, Roman will need an opponent for Money in the Bank 2021. It could possibly be Seth Rollins. Otherwise, Dominick Mysterio can challenge him. Either way, things look exciting for MITB. It will be interesting to see what happens.

4. Riddle becomes Mr. Money in the Bank 2021

As of now, WWE has announced five participants for the men’s MITB ladder match. Riddle, John Morrison and Ricochet qualified from RAW first. Drew McIntyre joined them soon. From SmackDown, only Big E has qualified. Among current participants, Big E and Riddle are the favorites to win.


Riddle is one of the favorites because of his RK-Bro storyline. The briefcase can elevate the tension between Orton and Riddle. While Riddle is not ready to become world champion right now, he can reach that level by 2022. This storyline can be fun. Also, WWE can book Orton to take the briefcase from Riddle if they feel he is not ready to win the WWE title.

5. Big E saves Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

Kofi Kingston is Bobby Lashley’s opponent at MITB. It is highly unlikely that Kofi will become a 2-time WWE champion. But Big E is reported to move to RAW soon. One wonders the reason behind this move. Many fans thought Big E would dethrone Roman as Universal Champion.

However, he could move to RAW now. There, he can join his brothers Kofi and Woods against Lashley. Perhaps, we can get Big E vs Lashley at a future PPV. This storyline can begin at MITB. Lashley could attack The New Day after the match, just for Big E to make the save.



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