WWE Survivor Series 2023 Predictions: Who will win Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Stark match?

Who will win Rhea Ripley vs Zoey Stark match is the big question in the minds of the WWE fans. Rhea Ripley and Zoey Stark will be battling with their hearts out in the WWE Survivor Series and with that being said, this battle is going to be a clash of titans in the WWE Women’s section.


Rhea Ripley has reshaped the women’s division while Zoey is one of those fighters who is extremely well shaped and can fight with her heart on the line.

With that being said, why is this fight different? The reason being, you are pitting two mighty giants of the women’s section in the same match and both of them have proven to be crowd favourites and have already proven their worth. So with that being said and done, who should be winning this match-up? Well the answer lies in experience.


Why should Rhea Ripley be the winner vs Zoey Stark?

Rhea has been the dominant and dictating force in the ranks of the WWE Women and she has been unstoppable until she met the likes of Nia Jax a few days ago. However, she overcame that challenge as she went onto beat the rest of the women in a fatal-five way match and retain the title. The best part of Rhea Ripley is that she has some tremendous strength up her sleeve.

Zoey Stark is one of the front runners who doesn’t stop or keeps on fighting a long haul. The gimmick that she carries is that of a rowdy woman who would not cower down and bring the mafia style of fighting laced with some immense power and some brutal battling flair.

Going by the storylines, going by the long-standing history, despite the battle being a long one, at the end of it all, it is expected that Rhea Ripley will walk away with the championship. However, that doesn’t mean that it is going to be a dampened affair but a full-blown war between two juggernauts.


WWE Survivor Series 2023 Predictions: Rhea Ripley to defeat Zoey Stark and retain Women’s World Championship. 

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