WWE SmackDown: What Are The Rules Of A ‘Viking Rules’ Match?

The 27th August edition of WWE SmackDown pushed forth a lot of stories that WWE had been building up on the way to WWE Clash at the Castle. One of those stories was the rivalry between the New Day and the Viking Raiders. The two teams have been feuding for weeks now. However their rivalry came to a head when the Viking Raiders challenged the New Day to a Viking Rules match for the following week’s SmackDown.

The New Day accepted the challenge, but nothing much is known about the match rules. It is certainly the first time ever this type of match is taking place, at least under this name.

Here is all you need to know about a WWE ‘Viking Rules’ match

Well to be precise, a Viking Rules match is just a street fight under a different name. That means everything is legal, including all the usual weapons. However, there must be a twist in the match. Since the match is ‘Viking’ themed, expect some weapons of Viking origins.


This week’s WWE SmackDown was taped right after the last week’s show happened live. Hence we already have a few reactions from those who attended the show in person. From what we could gather, it seems like our gander was accurate. The Viking Rules match is a street fight or a ‘No DQ’ match with just different branding.

The ring will be modified to look like a Viking ship. The ring will be surrounded by numerous shields, a weapon which the Viking Raiders have been using very effectively.

If you look at the reactions on Twitter, the match seems to have recieved mixed reactions. Some people loved it, while some thought it was extremely boring. Regardless, The New Day are one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Seeing them perform is always entertaining. Add to that, a repackaged and vicious Viking Raiders, you have a recipe for a banger of a match,


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