WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Predictions: Will AJ Lee Return To WWE?

WWE has been on a returning spree as they brought back the likes of R Truth, CM Punk and Randy Orton. In his speech on Raw, Punk addressed the questions about AJ Lee who has been out of action for eight years now. With that happening, speculations started building whether she would return at WWE Royal Rumble 2024.

If Punk’s return to the industry isn’t glamorous enough, the questions are popping louder than ever whether AJ Lee, Punk’s wife, former WWE wrestler will be returning to in-ring action. AJ Lee is currently an author and has been savoring her life.

The popularity of AJ Lee and CM Punk has always been on the greater side and given AJ’s massive popularity amongst the WWE fans, the time is ripe for AJ Lee to make her return as that would leave the fans in utter ecstasy.


Here is why AJ Lee is not returning to WWE now

Despite all the anticipation surrounding AJ Lee’s return, as reports state, there are no plans by WWE to bring back the wrestler who at one point in time wreaked absolute havoc in the women’s division. Not that it is just WWE who has no interest in reinstating the superstar but AJ Lee herself is happy being an author now.

PWInsider was heard saying, “Right now there has been no discussion of her coming in. She retired years ago for health reasons and has carved out a successful writing career for herself, but one has to think that a cameo appearance or so down the line wouldn’t be out of the question, especially since there are so many talents in the company today who have praised her work as influencing their careers.”

Lee has been a pioneer of the modern women’s division and how they line up now. Rhea Ripley’s bold run has already been shown before and it was AJ bringing the fire to the table. However, post Punk’s departure, Lee has not been involved with the sport almost close to a decade now.


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