“WWE Return?”- A Fan Decodes Bray Wyatt’s Latest Cryptic Tweet

Bray Wyatt has the fans buzzing again through his social media antics. He was recently in the news for changing his Twitter bio to a quote by Vince McMahon. This time he posted a wall of text on his social media. All fans are wondering is Bray Wyatt coming back to WWE?

Wyatt has cleverly left many easter eggs in the post. Since he posted, fans have tried to decode and understand what he’s trying to say. A Twitter user by the name ‘Xero News’ put forth a very interesting analysis of Wyatt’s post.

What does Wyatt supposedly mean by the post? The user’s tweets read as follows:¬†


Cody Rhodes tweeted ‘Wrestling is a love story’ when he returned to the WWE at this year’s WrestleMania. Wyatt’s very first line is seemingly a reference to that tweet. He also referenced numerous wrestling promotions like Ring of Honor and AEW.



Is Bray Wyatt coming back to WWE in 2022?

Bray Wyatt was released last year, and has yet to appear for any wrestling promotion. He was seemingly released  from the WWE due to creative differences. However, a lot has changed in the WWE since then. Vince McMahon is gone from the company, and Triple H is the head of creative now.

If reports are to be believed, Triple H is looking to bolster the roster even more, and there’s a chance than some released superstars make their way back to the company. It will be a huge moment if Wyatt returns to the company.

His creativity is something that needs to be displayed on the biggest stage possible. There’s no other place in the industry for it other than WWE.


Wyatt was working on a movie after being released by the WWE. How that pans out, is yet to be determined. All being said, this just a fan speculating what the post means. For all we know, Wyatt is just trolling everyone and fanning the flames.

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