​WWE Money in the Bank 2023 Predictions: 3 Reasons Why Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa should win at MITB

The Usos has pepped up the WWE Universe to a magnitude where they want them to win the battle against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa but is it good for business? Probably not and history too says otherwise.

Over the years, it has been proven when the first fight of a prolonged heel and a face takes place, the heel prevails and to be honest there are reasons for the same.

The storylines need a proper finishing which can only come after a prolonged wait. That is why a sudden victory may be great but when it comes to the long fate of the storyline, particularly the Bloodline, the longest running storyline of the modern-day WWE, it needs an apt ending that should conclude on a bang and not whimper.


Here are three reasons why Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa must win the match against the Usos.

#1 The rivalry has just started

A victory for the Usos at the MITB would mean that somehow what can be a prolonged storyline where the emotions intensify, the moment for a glass-shattering moment would be taken away if the Usos win.

However, if Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa can bag a victory, then that makes the Usos a lot more desperate to come all guns blazing and eventually try harder ways to win, keeping the fans on their toes.


#2 Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa winning the match can lead to a possibility of a multiple storylines

If the Usos win, then the storyline somewhat gets damp because that should be the ultimate fate. And when something is awaited as an ultimate fate, it should be prepared with time.

The joy of keeping it hanging in the air makes the fans wait for new developments. The idea of involving all the family members of the Bloodline who are still around, well let’s just say it is going to be one of those wow moments for WWE.

#3 A defeat for Roman Reigns will somehow undermine his calibre as the WWE Universal champion

At the end of the day one must know that Roman Reigns is the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, and he has been holding the belt for more than 1000 days.



A defeat like this, usually dampens the spirit of the champion and the stature that he carries into the fight. When the final clash of the storyline happens, you would want the heel to be at his pinnacle so that the fall rings louder than ever.

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