WWE Might Bring Back The King Of The Ring Tournament After Three Superstars Tease KOTR Return

The last time the “King of the Ring” tournament happened, Baron Corbin walked away with the bragging rights and had an incredible showdown ever since. He won the tournament by inflicting a resounding victory over Chad Gable on Raw.

His incredulous display with the crown included a captivating “Loser Eats Dog Food War” against the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns wherein his solitary defeat in the entire run came against Elias in a thrilling encounter at Wrestlemania 36 in an “empty warehouse” match.

However, Corbin’s glittering crown was recently embezzled by an explosive Shinsuke Nakamura and his hype-man, Rick Boogs. Tomorrow night will mark the fifth collision of Corbin and Nakamura in a sequence of eight Smackdown episodes.


However, there is a twisted stipulation that will intensify the stakes of the match as the winner will officially get to keep the crown.

While opening up to WWE’s The Bump, Corbin mentioned that he is more than happy to defend his crown but this entire defence must be transpiring through an arduous tournament.

This is what Baron Corbin had to say about the “KOTR” tournament

Baron Corbin cited, “I think that everybody’s kind of had their eye on it, just like people do with championship titles. They want an opportunity at that. They want a chance. They want to earn it. They want to own it. I think that’s what the crown does to people. And then you have people who are cowards like Shinsuke who want to steal it.”


He also continued by saying, “The tournament is what’s necessary to wear that crown. And I won it. If you want a shot, you talk to somebody, maybe cry to a few people, and try to get another tournament set up. And Xavier Woods, I would love to face him in that tournament, absolutely. It could be in the finals. It could be the first round. I mean, his dream will be cut short, but I’m happy to do it. I’m happy to defend it in the right circumstances.”

Corbin’s rightful claim to the crown will be on the line when Nakamura goes one-on-one with the Wolf in a singles match which is definite to have intervention from the latter’s wingman, Boogs. Baron Corbin’s demand for a tournament makes total sense as he won’t like his hard-earned headpiece to be lost in a moment of flurry or madness from any other superstar.

Given the presence of mind that Nakamura has always been bestowed with, he chose the short path and now may even walk away with the crown. The proffered path of a tournament will involve three to four matches to be won in a sequence in order to lay a claim to the crown. That is exactly why Nakamura belted out a masterstroke with this ingenious provocation of Corbin.


However, Corbin’s words didn’t really fall on deaf ears as WWE Official, Adam Pearce has posted a teasing tweet, quoting, “Stay tuned”.

Xavier Woods didn’t hold back in expressing his fervor as Pearce’s tweet rang loud enough through the roster.


Despite the explosiveness of Woods, somewhere down the line, he has failed to notch up the much-needed traction and it is believed that a title shot can act as a massive impetus for the acrobatic maestro in his presence in the WWE canon.


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