WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Predictions: 5 Possible Finishes to The Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins Fight Pit Match

On the September 19th episode of WWE RAW, Matt Riddle challenged his longtime nemesis Seth Rollins to a Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules. They were brawling backstage, and Riddle challenged Rollins which the latter accepted. Now, fans are making some bold WWE Extreme Rules 2022 predictions for the Fight Pit match.

This happened after they cost each other their respective matches by interference. Riddle lost a tag match and Rollins lost a US title match against Bobby Lashley.

The Fight Pit is a one-of-a-kind steel structure that has MMA rules. You only win by getting a knockout or submitting your opponent. Not by pinfalls, count outs or escaping the cage. And MMA legend Daniel Cormier is going to be the special guest referee. Matt Riddle has the advantage as he was in the very first Fight Pit match in NXT. Seth Rollins will make his Fight Pit debut.


Let’s look at 5 possible finishes to the Matt Riddle vs Seth Rollins Fight Pit match:

1. WWE Extreme Rules 2022 predictions – Will Matt Riddle win?

Matt Riddle is no stranger to the Fight Pit, and he is a former MMA fighter as well. He clearly has the upper hand here. He was a victim of Seth Rollins’ very personal remarks about his family. Riddle will be motivated from the personal attacks and will be looking for some retribution.

2. WWE Extreme Rules 2022 predictions – Will Seth Rollins win?

Seth Rollins is one of the most technically sound wrestlers in WWE. He may be lacking in experience at the Fight Pit, but he makes it up by being crafty in the ring. He won the last time they were in a one-on-one match, and he can do it again.


3. Bobby Lashley helps Matt Riddle to win

After Matt Riddle, US champion Bobby Lashley is the wrestler who absolutely hates Seth Rollins. Lashley beat Rollins 2 weeks back on RAW in a US tile match, after Riddle’s interference. Rollins attacked the US champion this week after his match on RAW and even curbed stomped him.

Lashley has challenged Rollins to a match on next week’s RAW where he has promised to shut him up. Maybe, he returns Riddle’s favor by helping him win tomorrow.

4. Daniel Cormier helps Seth Rollins win

Special guest referee Daniel Cormier is a Seth Rollins fan in real life. Rollins himself admitted this on RAW. DC was seen supporting Rollins at WrestleMania 31 and was even waving a Rollins T-shirt.


Seth returned the favor by congratulating Cormier after his UFC 226 victory in a text. Safe to say, they are friends. Rollins can win by Daniel Cormier’s help tomorrow.

5. No Contest

This could be the craziest of finishes to the match. As a personal feud, it should be a grueling slugfest of a match. Both competitors will take each other to the limit. And they will both Knock each other out. The bout is going to be declared a no contest by Daniel Cormier.


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