WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: Who will win the Men’s Elimination Chamber match?

Who will win the Men’s Elimination Chamber match is the top question in the minds of WWE fans right now. As the WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 is almost upon us and would witness a handful of rollicking match-ups, the best of them all would certainly be the Elimination Chamber match-up that features six men heading in with the champion challenging Seth Rollins for the World Championship.

Currently the list of competitors include Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley, LA Knight, Kevin Owens and Logan Paul. With such big names in the mix, expect the battle to be a blockbuster one. However, the most obvious question is who is next in the line for the championship? Here’s how it may happen.

With Seth Rollins on the belt, the biggest chance to win the championship lies on Drew McIntyre’s head. There aren’t any second thoughts about this. He has turned heel and we all know the Scottish Psychopath is a lot more efficient than the Scottish warrior. More importantly, he has been banging his head over the roster to get a title shot and has failed repeatedly. Maybe this is the shot that he was waiting for and Wrestlemania being the stage for the grand battle will make it worth it.



Bobby Lashley is undoubtedly a terrific fighter as his antiquity would suggest. But then again when it comes to getting a title shot, somehow he is not the man right now. His battles lie with Karrion Kross and that is going to be a storyline for a while. Pitting him against Seth Rollins makes no sense.

LA Knight continues to battle his demons against AJ Styles and that has been quite a storyline which is being loved by the WWE audience. Two experienced wrestlers, putting up a show for all with excellent mic skills and promos and it doesn’t get better than that. In fact the reason, Knight won’t win this match is because of interference from Styles.

Here is why Randy Orton may not win the WWE Elimination Chamber Match in 2024

Kevin Owens make a strong contender for the championship but once again going by the storylines, he is still a touch away from the title. He is not in the immediate groove and will possibly be raising hell at Elimination chamber but certainly won’t be winning it.


Logan Paul has made himself an efficient heel but then again when it comes to Seth and the bigger events, WWE will possible be preferring a full timer than Logan Paul whose title defense attendance has been pretty much on the lower side.

Finally talking about the Viper, Randy Orton will possibly be the final opposition standing against Drew. He would be drawing the final line but crossing it at all costs will be McIntyre to set up that iconic story with the Visionary.

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 predictions: Drew McIntyre will be the who will win the Men’s Elimination Chamber match.


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