WWE Crown Jewel 2023 predictions: 5 possible finishes to Women’s World Championship Fatal 5 way match

It seems that life just got a thousand times more difficult for the WWE Women’s Champion, Rhea Ripley as she will have to defend her title not against one but four oth​er contenders. To the mix, she will be now going up against Raquel Rodriguez, Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax and Zoey Stark in a fatal five way match.

Well, all the names that have been mentioned afore are big forces in the women’s division currently and all of them had quite a solid storyline following them up. However, to make this an intense mix for the women, WWE decided to throw them in the boiling cauldron and find the best from the mix. Here are five possible finishes the fatal five way match.

#1 Rhea Ripley defends her title successfully

This is the likeliest conclusion to this match-up where they Rhea rages through all the contenders which will be a massive ego boost and character boost for her. The Eradicator has already taken out towering characters in the ring and now if she successfully takes out the rest, it is simply going to be a paradigm leap for Rhea Ripley with the laurel of conquering it all.


#2 Nia Jax becomes the new champion with Jimmy Uso helping her

There is a possibility that Nia Jax may be joining the Bloodline and there is no better way than this for her to showcase her brilliant power that makes her a perfect fit for the Bloodline. Also, given the fact that she is the Enforcer, her winning with the support of Jimmy Uso means straightforward that a new horizon for Bloodline will be ready.

#3 Zoey Stark pins Rhea Ripley to win the title

It is highly unlikely that Rhea Ripley may be pinned now. She is almost unstoppable but then again knowing WWE, just to plant the seed in Judgment Day of an imminent break-up, Joey Stark may strip Rhea of the title and follow this up with a rip-roaring storyline. Zoey Stark has been making a fine name for herself and ever since she knocked Trish Stratus out, she is still to feature in a bloodied fight which seems to be her forte.

#4 While Rhea and Raquel fight over pinning Nia, Shayna Baszler steals the win

Rhea and Raquel will obviously be meeting each other with a significant force and most importantly the quarrel will be about who gets to put Nia Jax down considering the fact that they were the first ones to suffer Nia’s wrath. As the quarrel will be about who gets to pin her, Shayna in the meanwhile can pin both Nia and steal the title.


#5 Nia Jax puts everyone down and Dom Dom in the process too to retain the title

This can be a serious boost for WWE Raw if Nia Jax puts Dom Dom down and eventually mows down the entire Judgment Day to clinch the WWE Women’s title considering the fact that the WWE Universe loves to see Dom Dom get beaten up and it doesn’t matter whom it comes from. Also imagine if Dom Dom costs Rhea Ripley the title, may God bless his soul.

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