WWE Crown Jewel 2023 Match Card: 5 reasons why Drew McIntyre must defeat Seth Rollins and become new World Heavyweight Champion

Drew McIntyre has been doing endless rounds in WWE about turning heel, a characteristic that the WWE Universe loves about the Scottish Psychopath because then he unleashes a monster like no other and he wouldn’t stop at beating the life out of someone. However, with the title on the line where Seth Rollins will be defending the WWE Heavyweight title, there will be too many angles to this match-up.

With Seth being a face and Drew being a babyface, WWE will have to give it some conclusion about the roles that both of them would be playing in the long run and this match-up will be seminal in terms of forging an iconic rivalry in the near future. Here are five reasons why Drew McIntyre must win the fight.

#1 Winning the title will make Drew a heel

 It is important that Drew McIntyre gets a clarity about what exactly he is looking forward to as a character. Ideally, he makes an amazing heel and a victory over Seth will push him to dark side and the Scottish psychopath that has been lost in translation will come back to life.’


#2 Drew McIntyre finally gets a title win

McIntyre has been playing a mid-table card for a while now and with all those defeats in the title matches, it is time that WWE gives him the push again, Despite the defeats in the title games, he has been plying his trade with a smile on his face without any complaints whatsoever. Hence, it is time.

#3 Drew McIntyre can be the one that stops Damian Priest

With the Money in the Bank contract still with Damian, he will try and cash in but if Drew wins the match-up, then it is needless to say that Damian won’t be getting his hands on the contract and may lose the match-up too considering the fact that the audience would love it.

#4 Drew McIntyre can make a perfect alternate for Seth Rollins for the heavyweight title

Ideally when a title exchanges hands, it should happen with someone who can continue with the fine run of form that the predecessor carried it with. Hence, Drew makes the perfect successor for the title run and unless there is a much of a challenge from any big name, he will continue to be the champion.


#5 Drew makes a perfect storyline for Seth if he wins

Ideally, if Seth wins, then it is highly unlikely that WWE continues with the storyline or not. However, Drew McIntyre can win and actually continue the storyline because that would force Seth to deal his hand. Unless there is a calamitous consequence, it will continue to make matters worse for Seth and a new storyline awaits.

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