WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Predictions: 5 Superstars who can interfere in Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul Match

Time has arrived where WWE goes to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their premium live event – Crown Jewel 2022. The match card is looking very promising from top to bottom in addition to Bray Wyatt’s appearance scheduled for the show. All eyes will be on the main event which is set to happen between Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul.

Will Logan Paul be able to convert this one lucky shot into gold or Roman Reigns will continue his historic title reign, all questions will be answered on Crown Jewel PPV this weekend. Interferences always happen in big WWE matches. Here are the 5 superstars who could interfere in Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul WWE Undisputed championship match.

1. Paul Heyman can play a decisive role in Roman Reigns vs Logan Paul match


Paul Heyman is definitely going to walk alongside with Roman Reigns for the championship match. On multiple occasions Paul Heyman personally exchanged words with Logan Paul which showed he does not like him. The Wise Man could take the microphone again between the match to distract Logan Paul and give Roman Reigns the advantage.

2. The Usos could help Roman Reigns win vs Logan Paul

The way the buildup has been done for the match; one thing is sure that Logan Paul is not going take the pin easily from Roman Reigns. He will pull out some tricks from his hat against The Tribal Chief to demonstrate himself as a capable contender for the championship. This may tease The Usos to interrupt and beat Logan Paul to help Roman Reigns retain the titles.

3. Bray Wyatt

Chances of Bray Wyatt interrupting the main event are very low but there’s a possibility as he is booked for the mega event in Riyadh. When fans will be less expecting Bray Wyatt in the title picture, Triple H may pull out shocking moment by booking Wyatt to interfere the match and confront the Head of the Table for the championship.


4. Solo Sikoa could help Roman Reigns win vs Logan Paul

The Usos may not be at ringside for the main event because they have a tag team title defense against The Brawling Brutes. In the absence of The Usos, Solo Sikoa will be the only one left in the Bloodline who could interfere and give Roman Reigns an advantage.

5. Jake Paul

Logan Paul will need more support to dethrone someone like Roman Reigns and become the new world champion. To deliver that support, his brother Jake Paul may arrive at Crown Jewel to assist Logan to win the Undisputed titles and end the show in a shocking fashion.


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