WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Rumor Roundup: Update On Hit Row, Bobby Lashley In UFC? (August 17, 2022)

Welcome to WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Rumor Roundup for today. A hit returning faction’s status update with the creative regarding their direction, Top WWE stars attended a non WWE event and Vince McMahon denied a top star’s MMA career.

Lot’s happening today, Let’s get to it…

Hit Row features on today’s WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 rumor roundup


Top Dolla, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, and B-Fab have finally made it back to WWE during last week’s SmackDown. And although Isaiah “Swerve” Scott is with AEW now, 3 out of 4 isn’t half as bad for Triple H as he is the brains behind them getting back. Hit Row was released last year, a month after getting called up to the main roster.

Top Dolla (A.J. Francis) has revealed that he was in touch with Triple H ever since they left and they stayed together even in the indie circuit (GCW) as Hitmakerz, even sending clips of themselves to the Game.

It’s being reported that the group will be babyfaces from now on unlike their last stint. And the audience’s positive hooting cemented that fact. Things should only be looking up for them from now forth.


Seth Rollins and The Miz dominate today’s WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 rumor roundup


Allegedly, both Seth Rollins and The Miz have been seen at the GCW: Homecoming Night 2 show. Something they would have never dared if Vince McMahon was still in charge.

The show has the best of indie talent and featured many former WWE superstars like Dean Ambrose, Zack Ryder and Chelsea Green which may have been a motivation for the stars, to show their support. A photo of the Visionary has been floating around where he is seen peeking at the in ring action from behind a curtain. But no proof of presence of the Miz has been seen so far. But rumors of him being present too are buzzing.

Bobby Lashley could have been a UFC star again

US Champion Bobby Lashley has revealed in an interview, something we all as pro wrestling fans just dreamed would happen for real. He wanted to get back into MMA while still being employed by WWE, the same deal he had with Impact!


He said he was present at the UFC 276 event, with Vince, Triple H and Stephanie and texted the WWE chairman about his wish to join MMA again and maybe UFC but was simply ignored. We wonder if Bobby was allowed to fight in the UFC and so was Brock Lesnar, could we have seen the dream match of all WWE and UFC fans. The clash of Titans. Lashley vs Lesnar in a real MMA war.

With McMahon gone, maybe this will manifest into a real situation. Fingers crossed tightly!


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