WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Predictions: 5 Shockers Triple H Could Be Planning For The UK PPV

Hats off to Triple H for reviving the unpredictability factor that has been missing in WWE for many years. From giving surprising returns to putting up incredible shows every week, Hunter has nailed it all in a short span of time. The next assignment of Triple H is WWE Clash at the Castle 2022.

The Biggest Party of the Summer, Summerslam was Triple H’s first PPV as a creative head, and was excellently booked from start to finish. WWE is heading to the United Kingdom for a massive stadium show called “Clash at the Castle.” Seeing the way WWE is heading, fans are excited to see how the event will unfold on 3rd September 2022.

Let’s predict 5 shockers Triple H could be planning for WWE Clash at the Castle 2022:


1. Theory successfully cashing in Money in the bank Contract

Theory was a “chosen one” for Vince McMahon as soon as he stepped foot inside the main roster. Under Vince Theory was also handed over Money in the bank briefcase and still holding it firmly after an unsuccessful attempt at Summerslam.

Theory cashing in Money in the bank contract and becoming the 2nd Undisputed Champion could have been pre-planned by previous management. Triple H could experiment with the same considering WWE would love to end the event with a shocker.

2. War games planned between Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky & Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka?

Bayley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky are going to square off against Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka. Referring to their match at Clash at the Castle Dakota Kai put up a hint on social media indicating that War Games Stipulation could be added in their match.


War games was a prominent part of the yellow brand when Triple H was head of creative control. Seeing the heated feud between former NXT superstars the demonic structure could be introduced to 6-women tag team match at the UK PPV.

3. Triple Threat Match for Women’s Tag Team Championships

Reports have come that Sasha Banks & Naomi have settled their issues with WWE and could return anytime soon. The final match to determine the new women’s tag team champions is likely going to happen at Clash at the Castle.

Before ringing the official bell, we could see an interupption of Boss ‘n’ Glow and turning the match into a triple threat.


4. Pete Dunne comes back

Pete Dunne, now Butch, recently teased of his old NXT gimmick coming back. He was one of the most aggressive characters on NXT UK but he debuted on the main roster as Butch.

Karion Kross and Kevin Owens both brought their gimmicks back under Triple H’s power. Maybe the Bruiserweight could be next in the line. Cardiff would be the perfect place to reintroduce the former NXT UK champion again as a lethal competitor.

5. The Undertaker returns


The Undertaker last appeared on both WrestleMania nights as an inductee and is actively working on non-wrestling shows representing WWE. As WWE is bringing their premium live event to the UK in 30 years, fans would be delighted to see a glimpse of The Deadman at Clash at the Castle.

The Undertaker will be taking a flight to Cardiff as he is set to appear for his 1 Deadman Show on 2nd September in Cardiff, 1 day before Clash at the castle. With Taker being around for the weekend, Triple H could use this opportunity to shock the crowd by booking The Deadman to return.


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