​WWE Clash At The Castle 2022 Predictions: 3 Superstars Who Could Join Edge In His Fight Against Judgment Day

It isn’t a very flattering experience of being kicked out of the very faction that you created. WWE Hall of Famer Edge is no exception to this either as he suffered a humiliating exit from the Judgment Day, a clique that was created by him.

The faction has wreaked absolute havoc through the fabric of the wrestling scene where they have taken down one superstar after the either. They were also seen calling the shots at the recently concluded Summerslam before Edge rushed onto the scene and speared the faction left, right and center.

However, going by the antiquity of the Judgment Day, it is needless to say that Edge himself won’t be able to combat the trio. He will be needing help. As we talk about the renewed rivalry, let us take a quick look at the possible stars who can support Edge in his battle with the Judgment Day.


1. WWE Legend Rey Mysterio can join Edge


It was obvious that the Judgment Day won’t be letting go of the Mysterios this easy. Being candid no matter the agility of the high-flying duo, they will be coming shorthand when it comes to the numerically superior trio of the Judgment Day.

However, the addition of Edge, will be changing the entire ball-game with strength meeting agility. Now Rey’s tenure would make the blend with Edge a perfect combo given the long-lost bond and a battering experience at both ends. Hence, despite the vendetta being spread between the two factions, Rey and Edge makes the perfect combo with Dominik’s addition can be the diversion that the Judgment Day will be desperately hoping for.

2. Beth Phoenix

Finn Balor and Damian Priest have probably been the in-ring operators for the Judgment Day but the one who has had a significant influence on the faction has been none other than Rhea Ripley.


If someone has to play as dirty as Rhea does, no one comes closer than Edge’s real-life wife, Beth Phoenix. Just in case if you were unaware, Rhea has already stated previously that the Glamazon was her dream foe in the ring and WWE won’t find a better opportunity to get the two superstars in the women’s section in the ring at the same time.

3. WWE Rising star Dominik Mysterio could join Edge

Dominik Mysterio is young and is always willing to take the fight right to the opponents. He is bubbling with energy and his splashes are much more effective given the fact that age is on his side.

Now add to that the experience of Edge and what you would be getting is sheer menace with Edge storming through the duo of Priest and Balor while Dominik will be jading them out.



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