WWE Clash at the Castle 2022 Predictions: 3 Reasons Why Roman Reigns Should Retain The Undisputed Universal Championship

Roman Reigns will take on Drew McIntyre at WWE Clash at the Castle for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.  Drew McIntyre is one of the biggest babyfaces in WWE today. The Scottish superstar consistently gets huge reactions from the crowds. Thus there are a few reasons why he can win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship from Roman Reigns.

Reigns is on the run of a lifetime. He has not been pinned for more than two years now. Today we will take a look at 3 reasons why Roman Reigns should retain his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

1. Roman Reigns is the biggest star in WWE

Reigns is the biggest star in professional wrestling currently. The Tribal Chief character gave a significant boost to his popularity and standing among the fans. Holding two world championships helps his presentation a lot. Roman Reigns feels like the final boss of WWE.


When he lifts both championships together at his entrance, he feels like a major deal. It makes sense that you invest in your biggest star, whose stock can only go upwards.

2. More opponents in the future

Roman Reigns is on a tear currently. His quality of opponents has been outstanding. He beat the likes of John Cena, Edge, Brock Lesnar, Finn Balor, etc. All these names are some of the biggest in the industry. In addition to it, Randy Orton was scheduled to face Roman Reigns at WWE SummerSlam before he got injured.


There are still a few feuds left for him. A returning Randy Orton would be a great opponent. So would be Rey Mysterio, or currently the hottest babyface in wrestling…

3. Cody Rhodes vs Roman Reigns

Cody Rhodes shocked the wrestling world when he left AEW at made his WWE return at WrestleMania 38. The former AEW EVP had a sizzling trilogy of matches with Seth Rollins, during which he got injured. Cody was getting the biggest pops every time he appeared on the screen.

When Cody returned, he made his intentions very clear. He wanted to win a world championship in WWE- a feat that his father Dusty couldn’t accomplish. Right now, there is no better story than Cody dethroning the biggest villain in WWE currently. Cody could return at the Royal Rumble, and then go on to face Reigns at WrestleMania 39.


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