Will Jim Ross Leave AEW And Return To WWE?

Jim Ross, a WWE Hall of Famer, and a pivotal member of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has provided a crucial update concerning his contract with the Jacksonville-based promotion. Back on April 3, 2019, Jim Ross made headlines by making a significant move – signing with AEW, the company spearheaded by the visionary Tony Khan. Known for his seasoned commentary and play-by-play expertise, Ross quickly solidified his role not only as a commentator but also as a senior advisor within the AEW hierarchy.

In a recent interview on the Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross dropped a bombshell, disclosing that his existing contract with AEW is set to conclude on February 14. Despite the impending contract expiration, Ross’s enthusiasm for the world of wrestling remains unwavering.

A Historic Announcement in the Works for Jim Ross

What adds intrigue to this contractual saga is Ross’s expressed interest in making a historic announcement during Revolution in March – the final match of the legendary Sting. Ross, with his wealth of experience, sees this as a momentous occasion, emphasizing the historical connection he shares with Tony Schiavone, his fellow commentator who originally called the first-ever Sting-Flair match.


The Vision Shared with Tony Khan

Jim Ross has not kept this vision to himself. In his interview, he revealed that he had discussed the idea with Tony Khan, the owner of AEW, and found a receptive audience. Both Ross and Khan envision a unique and fitting commentary for Sting’s farewell bout, harking back to their shared history in the world of professional wrestling.

Navigating the Contractual Maze

However, the path to realizing this vision is not without obstacles. Ross acknowledged a significant logistical challenge – his contract situation. Before committing to Revolution in March, he must navigate the ongoing negotiations with Tony Khan and AEW. The veteran commentator is clear about his intentions; it’s not about leveraging the situation but ensuring that the logical and historical choice of having him and Schiavone call the match can materialize.


A Race Against Time for Jim Ross

With an air of optimism, Ross expressed confidence in the ongoing negotiations but was quick to point out the need for a new contract or agreement before February 14. The urgency stems from his desire to secure the opportunity to be part of this historic commentary duo during Sting’s last match. Despite the uncertainties, Ross remains positive about the progress and the direction things are moving in, conveying a strong belief that everything will align as intended.

Ross said: “It seems to be that it just makes sense that the original two guys that called the very first Sting-Flair match if they were available and could still carry their share of their water, would be a good opportunity. I mentioned it to Tony Khan. He loved the idea. My problem is not that. My problem is my contract is up February 14th, which I’ve mentioned ad nauseam…that event is in March. So we gotta take care of some business and I’m sure that we will. I feel good about where I’m headed with Tony and AEW. I’d love to have something to announce before the 14th, if possible.”

“We’re still at the same place right,” Ross said about his contract talks. “I gotta get there contractually to be able to pull that off. I’m not using it as a leverage ploy. It just seemed like it makes sense. I think the best booking is booking this logically and having JR and Schiavone call the match to me seems logical. So we’ll see how it all works out.”


Having spent nearly three decades providing iconic commentary for WWE, Jim Ross is synonymous with The Attitude Era. His voice has narrated some of the most memorable moments in wrestling history, creating a lasting impact on fans worldwide. As the countdown to his contract expiry continues, the wrestling community is left wondering – will Jim Ross make a triumphant return to the WWE, or will he continue his journey with AEW?


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