3 reasons why the match between Jinder Mahal and Seth Rollins prove that Tony Khan’s online remark is utterly baseless

Tony Khan took an unwanted blow at Jinder Mahal which backfired against him terribly and instead of getting the negative attention that he wanted on the show, he just got heat from the WWE fans and the numbers for AEW were barely any consolation whatsoever. So why exactly did Tony Khan’s fire against the Modern Day Maharaja didn’t work out?

Well truth be told, he wanted to get negative attention for his show called AEW Dynamite where he believed that even if people hated the show, they will come to the show only for showering their hate. The hate did get showered but only on social media. Where the numbers actually mattered, people were least bothered. Here are three reasons why the entire bashing of Jinder Mahal made no sense.

#1 Jinder Mahal is an excellent wrestler

Due to the lack of creatives, Jinder may not have found himself soaring over the clouds, but truth be told, his skills as a wrestler is simply amazing and there is no stopping him whatsoever. He fights like a true champion and the kind of workload that the Modern Day Maharaja takes can be matched by very few people. So all the numbers spewed by Tony was utterly baseless.


#2 Jinder’s match against Seth Rollins was a blockbuster

Mahal fought one cracker of a battle against Seth Rollins and could have actually won. The WWE Universe didn’t actually like the fact that Seth went onto win the game despite Jinder Mahal dominating the bout. In fact, there were quite a few near falls for the Visionary. That is what makes him special as a wrestler and adored by the fans.

#3 Jinder never complains

On the New Year’s Day, Jinder Mahal went onto face the Rock and the kind of hate and boos that he received before the Rock came out was overwhelming and yet he never complained. He simply walked out and faced all of it. He went face first and took all of it. The very next thing we knew was that he got a match against the Visionary.


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