Why India vs West Indies 2022 is not telecasted in Star Sports or Sony?

Team India is currently involved in an assignment against West Indies. The Indian Team has travelled from England to West Indies and will take on them in ODI and T20I fixtures. Interestingly, no private media company from India is telecasting the series. Biggies like Star Sports or Sony are not telecasting these games. In this article, we take a look at the reason why India vs West Indies 2022 is not telecasted on Star Sports or Sony.

India vs West Indies 2022 is not telecasted on Star Sports or Sony

India is the hotspot for cricket across the globe. The recent IPL media auction rights saw the value of each IPL game compete with the likes of the Premier League and NFL. Amidst this, no TV channel telecasting an India game is a big surprise. Star Sports or Sony are usually the channels that stream the India games. However, it is not happening for the ongoing series.

The reason for this is that Star Sports or Sony have not acquired the rights for home games in West Indies. Since the ongoing games are in West Indies, they do not have the right to telecast them. Instead, Fan code is streaming the series at a subscription price while we can also watch the content on DD Sports.


It is a simple and understandable logic by the media giants. West Indies and India differ a lot by the time zone. Therefore, the games will go deep into the night in India. This is, obviously, not attractive to the advertisers. With no monetary benefit in sight, these channels have not picked up the rights. Also, West Indies is not a strong team like it was in the past.

A stiff challenge for West Indies

Meanwhile, on the cricketing front, West Indies is struggling in the ODI format. They have lost games to traditionally weaker teams in recent times.

Therefore, despite the absence of some of the established Indian players, matches against the Asian Team will be a big challenge for the hosts. It needs to be seen how they would go about in the tournament.


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