Who was the Tribal Chief that Tama Tonga talked about? Exploring the latest shift in the Bloodline Saga

Stunning the fans and Paul Heyman, a full-blown assault was launched on Jey Uso who was floored and tormented by Tama Tonga once cued in by Solo Sikoa. However, the most entertaining part of the latest episode of SmackDown was when Solo said that all of this had happened by the order of the Tribal Chief and the Bloodline may have just taken a twist beyond the imagination of the fans.

Just in an attempt to be certain, Paul Heyman wanted to call Roman Reigns and Solo took over his phone, threw it down on the mat and stepped onto the phone, smashing it inside out. Paul Heyman was aghast and was scared to death when Solo confronted him. Another key part of the segment was where Solo said that there were repercussions for a loss.

Do we have a new Tribal Chief as per Solo Sikoa who is here to rule the Bloodline?

So if the Tribal Chief already knew, on whose orders was Solo acting on? Well, fans have a crazy theory about this incredible move and if that theory turns out to be true, WWE may have played out a masterstroke in storytelling.


In the first Raw after WWE WrestleMania, the Rock was seen handing over a chit of paper to Cody Rhodes and that too in a very silent manner. Now fans believe that Dwayne Johnson is here to stay and not just walk away to Hollywood.

The fans believe that if that theory is true, then we are just witnessing a new Bloodline and in that segment, only the Rock gives the orders. The Rock has already taken the name “The Final Boss” and ever since he has done that, he has brought sparks of the Attitude Era back.

The Rock as a heel is altogether a different gravy and he can be absolutely vile. With Roman Reigns losing, it goes without a saying that WWE will be bringing in a new change and that for sure will be affecting the Bloodline. Now will that change actually be a Civil War in the family where the Rock claims himself to be the Tribal Chief while Roman plays the Big Dog or the Sentinel again, time will reveal it all.


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