Who is Tama Tonga? 4 things to know about the newest member of The Bloodline

The events of WWE WrestleMania XL have witnessed a seismic shift in The Bloodline faction on SmackDown last week. Following Roman Reigns’ loss to Cody Rhodes, the absence of The Tribal Chief led Solo Sikoa to step up and take charge.

His first act was to outcast his brother Jimmy Uso from the stable and induct another family member and a top wrestling star, Tama Tonga, with whom he decimated Jimmy and left him, beaten and battered in the corner of the ring.

Here are 4 interesting facts about The Bloodline’s newest member, Tama Tonga:


1. Tama Tonga is not a biological member of the Anoa’i family

While all Bloodline members have their biological roots as part of the rich Anoa’i family, the same is not the case with Tama Tonga. He is the adoptive son of WWE Legend Haku and although shares no blood relation with any Bloodline member, they view him as a brother through the connection of their Samoan island culture.

2 Tama Tonga has been trained by WWE Hall of Famers

Every member of the Samoan dynasty had had exposure to some of the best mentors and trainers to help them excel in the wrestling business. The same can be said for Tana Tonga as he was trained by WWE Hall of Famers, The Dudley Boyz, his father Haku, and another WWE Legend Ricky Santana.

3 A high-caliber star for NJPW and other promotions

WWE’s choosing to bring Tana Tonga to their landscape was not only due to his connection with The Bloodline, but an incredible wrestling resume to his name. To start, Tama Tonga was the co-founder of one of the most renowned factions in the industry, The Bullet Club spending a long tenure as a faction member with other stars like Finn Balor and The Good Brothers.


Moreover, he is one of the most acclaimed stars in NJPW and has held multiple titles and accolades in various promotions including 4 reigns as the NEVER Openweight Champion, IGWP Tag Team Championship with his adoptive brother Tanga Loa, and also the ROH tag team titles.

4 Impressive winning record

Apart from winning multiple accolades in his wrestling career, the track record of Tama Tonga in-ring appearances has also been equally impressive. The new Bloodline member has competed in 1,188 matches so far and has won 596 of them putting his win record to 50% proving to be spectacular for a career spanning for over a decade.


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