Who is Seth Rollins’ wife? All you need to know about WWE Superstar Becky Lynch

You must have heard about the Man right? The Man of the industry, Becky Lynch who is currently involved in a ferocious rivalry with Trish Stratus, WWE Hall of Famer and also Zoey Stark who has been doing the dirty work for Trish while she soaks in all the glory from the ring occasionally to be doused in a battle of nothingness. Talking about the man, alongside all the glistening feats that she has achieved in the ring and off the ring too, you must also be knowing that she is married to the Visionary, Seth Freaking Rollins.

Well, the question is how well do you know your favourite WWE Divas Superstar? How well are you aware of what she is capable of? How well are you aware of her wrestling background? Well if there is a quiz about Trish, are you confident that can you win it hands down? We will see. Here are five facts about Becky Lynch that you need to know about your favourite superstar.

#1 Finn Balor taught Becky Lynch how to wrestle

In an interview with the Fightful, Becky Lynch said that she love watching wrestling as a kid and when she wanted to take up the sport as a profession, the only school in Ireland was owned by the Demon, Finn Balor. In the interview she also said that she and Finn would wrestle on just six blue mats for three months in this hall at St. Andrew’s national school.


#2 Becky Lynch attributes wrestling as the cause for her getting her life back in order

In a confession, Becky said that she was hanging out with the wrong crowd in her wee days. She was drinking, doing drugs and most importantly had no order helping her. However, it was her love for wrestling that got her back on track. In the confession she said, once she realized her dream and love, she would give up her bad habits and start fighting again, this time for life.

#3 Battled depression and returned to wrestling

Well, depression gets the best of everyone, no matter how big or how small you are, it is a demon that creeps in ever so slowly. After wrestling for four years on independent circuits, Becky suffered a concussion that forced her out of wrestling.

Being injured in a match, she was asked by her mother to step away from the ring. It took her seven long years to get back on track but she did it. Journaling helped her as per her words and she wanted to finish what she started.


#4 Becky Lynch has worked as a flight attendant

When the Man decided to call it a day in wrestling which was again momentary, she has served as a flight attendant for Aer Lingus on the request of her mother. Her mother has been doing the same thing for years and she wanted her daughter to be a part of the same, in an attempt to side her from the ring. And she knew that she was not made for it.

#5 Becky went to Clown College

When her life went south after the injury, she chose to try and put up with the nitty gritty of wrestling, going to clown college as she believed that it was an extremely powerful art where they taught you to rise up and learn your art as a professional. She would draw similarities between the art of being a clown and how at times you have to find your way in wrestling sphere.


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