What Is The WWE White Rabbit Mystery?

Wrestling breaking news source @WrestleVotes on twitter, has revealed that the true reason behind the weird song being played during SmackDown is being kept under tight wraps by WWE.

During show tapings, fans often get to witness special scenes during commercial breaks while attending the WWE shows live. During the previous SmackDown in Anaheim, California, the WWE Universe truly experienced something eerily similar of past.

The lights had cut off at the Honda Center, during the untelevised segment and the famous psychedelic song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane started playing, making the crowd present to wave their phone flashlights like they used to, during Bray Wyatt’s fireflies entrance.


All you need to know about the White Rabbit song in WWE

Among the many theories that were floating on social media, most WWE fans believe this to be an indirect sign of Bray Wyatt returning to WWE soon. Whereas some pro wrestling nerds have directed towards the fact that “The White Rabbit” was Karrion Kross’ nickname in his Lucha Underground days. They felt this could be a small hint on Kross instead because he is in a hot feud with Drew McIntyre on SmackDown.

WrestleVotes’ source also suspects the song to be in direct relation to Wyatt’s return, but the information is being withheld regarding this whole situation by WWE. He says, the company has been able to get a lot of buzz among wrestling circles from this whole why White Rabbit song played scenario and even though it isn’t a part of any storyline on TV, they are trying to milk the situation to the fullest and are staying as quiet as possible about it.

Bray Wyatt’s release came as a shocker last year and fans have been vocal about his return to WWE since that time. His return being teased and rumored since months. There is no talk about why this song played, behind the scenes either and that too deliberately as they would like to keep the fans guessing for more cheap publicity around the much-anticipated return of Wyatt.


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