What is NXT Deadline: Full List of Rules For Iron Survivor Challenge

WWE’s developmental brand, NXT is all set to produce an entirely new pay-per-view concept called NXT Deadline (billed as DEADL1NE).

The event is a replacement for the War Games show for NXT’s December slot. The match concept has been now moved to the main roster as a part of Survivor Series. NXT Deadline will take place on Saturday, December 10, 2022, at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. With the introduction of a new pay-per-view, the event will also seen a first-time ever match for both the Men and Women.

This week’s edition of NXT saw Shawn Michaels announce the new type of match-up called the Iron Survivor Challenge. The NXT Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative unveiled the revolutionary NEW match never done before in WWE history as a part of his creative regime in NXT. Furthermore, the Iron Survivor challenge will determine the No1 contenders for the NXT and NXT Women’s championship.



Therefore, none of the participants have been announced for the matches as of now. So let’s break it down and find out what exactly will happen in the first-time ever and never seen before showdown.

The Iron Survivor Challenge: What are the rules for this NEW Match?

Here is the complete list of rules for the Iron Survivor Challenge scheduled to take place at NXT Deadline:

  1. There will be a total number of 5 Superstars competing in the match.
  2. None of the Superstars are eliminated from the match.
  3. Two participants begin the match and every 5 minutes a new participant enters until all five superstars are present.
  4. After the last superstar enters, there is a predetermined time limit of 25 minutes.
  5. Every time a superstar scores a pinfall, submission or even gets subjected to a disqualification, they earn a point. The superstar they score the point on goes into a penalty box for 90 seconds.
  6. The superstar who scores the most falls at the end of the time limit becomes the winner.


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