Full ​List Of Words Vince McMahon Banned In WWE And Unbanned By Triple H

When you are running a show as big as WWE, you have to keep in mind countless things that sets the tone of the narrative. With the current generation being more sensitive, it is not easy to write a script with important words being taken down. Vince McMahon ran the show for a while and over his due course of time as the head of the industry, chose to put a moratorium on words considering the hue and cry that was raised by the audience. He had a list of words banned in WWE.

With so much on the plate, McMahon wanted WWE to run as smoothly as he could and he was ready to pay any price for the same. However, after a good long run as the head of the entire show, he decided to call it a day, leaving the company under the care of his daughter and his son-in-law. Triple H took over as the creative head of the company and ever since then the stocks of the WWE have been on an all-time high.

The question is why a word is even banned in the first place. After all it’s a word. However, as we know words can be weapons and it can make or break an individual or an organization or at times even the entire world. Hence, words that can bring the entire industry into disrepute is not worth using.


Here is list of words banned by Vince McMahon in WWE


Hence any word that may indicate harm or can be a potential disruptor of peace and order, is usually kept out of business. Vince had a string of words that never went well with the audience and after a while he had to take them down. Before Triple H decided to lift the ban on a couple of words, here are the words, that Vince thought had to be silenced.

1. blood
2. choke
3. belt
4. strap
5. diva
6. head shot
7. trauma
8. kayfabe
9. mofos
10. house show
11. DQ
12. the Anti-Diva
13. spinal injuries
14. victim
15. violence
16. violent
17. wrestling
18. wrestlers
19. WWF
20. wifebeater
21. curb stomp
22. push
23. being over
24. babyface
25. heel
26. job
27. jobber
28. card
29. strangle
30. kill
31. murder
32. non-title
33. attack.

Full list of words Triple H has unbanned in WWE

Triple H is the new head of WWE creative team. The Game has already made some big changes to the company, including unbanning a few words that were previously banned.


1. Wrestlers
2. Wrestling
3. Championship Belts


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