What is a stress fracture in the back and how quickly can Jasprit Bumrah return?

In a shocker to the Indian cricket fans, Jasprit Bumrah was ruled out of the ongoing South Africa T20I series due to a stress fracture in his back and reports suggest that he is most likely to miss the T20 World Cup has left the Indians with a massive frown on their visages.


Well, now the most obvious question is how did Bumrah fracture his back, and even if he did, how is still managing to sit up? Much to everyone’s surprise, the definition of a stress fracture in your back is something entirely different.

Here is how quickly Jasprit Bumrah may come back

Going by the definition of Johns Hopkins Medicine, a stress fracture is defined as, “Spondylolysis is a stress fracture through the pars interarticularis of the lumbar vertebrae. The pars interarticularis is a thin bone segment joining two vertebrae. It is the most likely area to be affected by repetitive stress. This condition is fairly common and is found in one out of every 20 people.”


Now how exactly does it impact a fast bowler? Out of all the participants in a cricket field, the worst of the stress loads is being managed by a fast bowler which makes him prone to injuring his rotor calf or even incurring this back stress fracture, which is clearly a consequence of extra workload.

The only treatment for this injury is ample rest and a few chosen conditioning exercises that strengthen your core and keep your back relief. However, first and foremost, you have suffered a back stress fracture and will need ample rest to recover before the exercises kick in.

To recover, the stipulated time period is a minimum of 4 months depending on the severity of the injury. Going by the reports of Jasprit Bumrah, he can very well be out for more than 6 months as he has been suffering severe back aches, not a good harbinger of affairs. You can expect him to return under the likeliest and the best circumstances by March if his recovery goes to plan. Let’s hope for the best as our Jassi prepares for an even tougher battle.


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