“We Are The Good Guys”- Bayley Hits Back At Charlotte Flair, Shotzi And Asuka After SmackDown

The WWE SmackDown arena was set ablaze as former champion Bayley didn’t mince words when she called out Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Shotzi for their actions in recent weeks, labeling them as bullies on the show.

In recent times, Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY have found themselves embroiled in a fierce feud with Charlotte Flair, the Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka, and Shotzi. Despite being the supposed “good guys” or babyfaces in the wrestling world, the latter trio has resorted to some rather underhanded tactics.

Last week on SmackDown, Charlotte Flair’s interference cost Bayley her match against Shotzi. This week, it was Shotzi’s turn to return the favor by costing The Role Model her bout against Asuka. In a backstage interview after the latest episode of SmackDown, Bayley, joined by Dakota Kai, didn’t hold back in addressing her rivals.


The former RAW Women’s Champion pointed out that Charlotte, Asuka, and Shotzi were exploiting an injured Dakota Kai, using their numbers advantage to gain the upper hand. Bayley expressed her frustration, saying,

“I was ready for Asuka. I’ve been wrestling her for almost half of my career. You know who I wasn’t ready for? Shotzi. And when I wrestled Shotzi, I wasn’t ready for Charlotte. And when I wrestled Shotzi and Charlotte, I wasn’t ready for Asuka because you guys kept interrupting what I was doing.”

“We though you guys were the favorites”- Bayley accuses Charlotte Flair, Asuka and Shotzi of acting like bullies

Bayley didn’t hold back and accused Charlotte Flair, Asuka, and Shotzi of acting like bullies on SmackDown, despite their status as fan favorites. She remarked:


“We thought you guys were the good guys. We thought you guys were the favorites. These idiots out there love you guys, but in reality, you guys are the bullies. Us? We are the good guys.”

Watch the full video:

Bayley also made predictions about the future, expressing confidence that her DAMAGE CTRL stablemate, IYO SKY, would retain her WWE Women’s Title next week on SmackDown when she faces Asuka. She emphasized that they were focused on the future, not dwelling on the past.



Whatever the result, Asuka and IYO SKY’s WWE Women’s Championship battle the following week is sure to be an exciting contest. The question remains: will there be outside interference in this high-stakes showdown?

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