“1 Last Shot”- Dakota Kai Opens Up On Her Relationship With WWE Star

Fan mails have always been a thing for all the crazy fans out there who love to admire their favorite superstars in and out of the ring. One of the most popular WWE superstars currently is Dakota Kai who is also a part of the stable called Damage Control.

Damage Control is being run by Bayley and she is accompanied by Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai. One of the fans of the WWE Universe said that the relationship that Dakota Kai has with Bayley feels like a mother-daughter one more than being of two wrestling partners as Bayley loves to care for her teammates more than anyone else can even conceptualize in their wildest dreams.

Damage Control came into existence after Bianca Belair’s victory over Becky Lynch. Dakota returned to the company after being initially released by McMahon and company. With all said and done, Dakota and Io have savored their fair shares of title runs wherein Bayley has been somewhat consistently defeated in her runs for the belt around her waist.


Here is what Dakota Kai had to say about Bayley

A wrestling fan posted a video of Dakota and Bayley sharing banter around the ring and he stated that the relationship looked more like mother and daughter having fun, instead of two wrestling partners who would hit the yard with an iron fist.

Dakota ensured that she is responding to the tweet, where she posted a white heart, tagging Bayley and acknowledging her tag-team partner, showering all the love that she can, a testimony to the strong bind that they share.

In an interview with La Previa, Dakota Kai said, that she knew about the group a day ahead of her joining the main roster for WWE. She said, “So Bayley had this idea for a while, like a few years actually at this point. And leading into SummerSlam she just kind of gave it one last shot,” said Kai. “Obviously, at that point, I wasn’t with the company at the time, IYO was in NXT with an injury, so it was very surprising. We both found out maybe like a day before SummerSlam.”


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