[Watch] Jimmy Uso Breaks Character Mid-WWE Match to Check on Brother After Brutal Move

In all likelihood WWE may be playing out the first ever twins match in WrestleMania XL as all roads point to Jimmy and Jey Uso heading out to Philadelphia. However, as they say that no matter the rivalry, family always remains family and there is no stopping them ever. Similarly, of late, Jimmy and Jey have been fighting a fierce battle, however, the two have also ensured that the brotherhood remains intact.

What is the proof of that though? In one of the videos released into the public by one of the fans sitting in the front stage, it was seen that Jimmy Uso was actually concerned about Jey Uso after a brutal headbutt. In the midst of all the flames and thunderbolts, Jimmy Uso actually broke character to check out on Jey Uso.

The brawl was actually between Jey Uso and Ludwig Kaiser who were in the corner and the in the midst of the fight, the latter delivered a thumping header against Jey. The force of the headbutt was actually significant enough and by the time he could regain himself, his brother Jimmy actually came over from the other side of the ring and asked him if he is okay.


Here is what Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso had to share in the brutal Royal Rumble

The video which is in talks also shows that Jimmy pretended to tumble backwards just to ensure that the storyline remained intact and no one actually noticed that it was brotherly love coming from a different direction.

Jey Uso was fine and would eventually outlast his brother in the long contest but then at the end of the day, no damage was done to Jey as feared by Jimmy. However, despite all the love and concern, eventually none of the two superstars could actually last till the end as it was Cody Rhodes who won the Royal Rumble and booked a berth to challenge Roman Reigns again.


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