“Better call it European Cup then”, Twitter reacts to reports that Asia Cup 2023 could be held in England

A lot of discussions are currently happening regarding the venue for the upcoming Asia Cup. Recently, there have been reports that England could also be an option for the same. On that note, here, we take a look at how Twitter reacted to reports that Asia Cup 2023 could be held in England.

England could be Asia Cup 2023 venue

Pakistan was supposed to be the host for the competition. However, India is not ready to travel to the nation and hence, a hybrid approach was considered with UAE hosting India’s games. That said, the situation in Pakistan is not great right now and even Bangladesh and Sri Lanka supported BCCI’s proposal to move the tournament out of Pakistan entirely. Sri Lanka was also considered an option but even that is not looking likely right now. Since PCB is the host, the board is looking at other options now.

It now appears that England has also joined the race. The PCB Chairman has confirmed the same as per a few reports. However, it needs to be seen if the identity of the tournament would be fulfilled if the competition is held in a European nation. Also, for all the teams involved, it would not be an ideal preparation for the 2023 ODI World Cup because pitches in subcontinent are different when compared to those in England. It now needs to be seen if England really comes up as the venue for the event. In that scenario, it will actually be interesting from a few perspectives.


Twitter reacts to the reports

Twitter was sent into a frenzy after hearing about the reports. Asia Cup’s identity is the continent and it may not be suitable to conduct it in Europe. There were also a few who liked the idea because of the neutral conditions. Here are some of the reactions in this regard:

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