Watch: Indian captain Virat Kohli copies the batting style of Shikhar Dhawan

Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan have been long time teammates and have played a lot of cricket together

The Indian captain Virat Kohli has once again posted an interesting video on his social media account, but this time the video is funny and not something which would stir controversy.

Virat Kohli, in his latest Twitter post, is trying to copy the batting style of his long time teammate Shikhar Dhawan and the way it has come out, it actually seems very funny.

Virat has been able to copy the way Dhawan flexes his biceps before getting into his batting stance, but one would have to say that Virat couldn’t copy it 100% in terms of how Dhawan gets into his stance and how he gets through his shots.


It is a very interesting video though and is being liked by the Indian fans a lot. It has also made a few fans chuckle a little as Dhawan has been left out of the Indian team for this T20 World Cup.


Virat and Dhawan have actually played a lot of cricket together from the junior levels and they represented the same state side as well before making it to the Indian team. Virat has even mentioned many times that Shikhar Dhawan is his best friend in the Indian team. So, Dhawan is also going to like this new video of Virat.


It was a bit of a change from Virat’s yesterday’s video on Twitter which stirred a bit of a controversy. Virat actually posted a video in collaboration with pinterest where he shared with his fans how he celebrates Diwali and that for some reason didn’t amuse some of the people on Twitter who said they don’t need any tips from Virat on how to celebrate Diwali.

It was not the kind of video where Virat said anything offensive, but it was exaggerated and taken in the wrong context by some people, and it resulted in a bit of a controversy on Twitter.





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