Usman Khawaja Discloses Whether He Will Be Retiring From Test Cricket

Australian batsman Usman Khawaja made his intentions clear. He’s committed to Test cricket if he meets three conditions: physical wellness, mental sharpness, and genuine enjoyment.

Fresh from the 2023 Ashes, Khawaja emerged as a hero. The series concluded in England with a 2-2 draw, ensuring Australia kept the prized urn.

Addressing fans during Cricket Australia’s Play Cricket Week in Brisbane, the topic shifted to the 2025-26 Ashes at home. Khawaja responded with his usual playful demeanor, emphasizing a focused approach. “I approach one series at a time,” he commented. Getting ahead, setting distant goals, and making hasty promises isn’t his style.


“For me, it’s about assessing each summer. Checking my physical state, my mental health, and if I’m still loving the game. Currently, I tick all three boxes. Thus, I play on,” he added.

The conversation soon turned to the recent Ashes performance. Khawaja noted the heartwarming reactions from fans, affirming the series’ thrilling nature. He highlighted Australia’s consistent upper hand in recent Ashes encounters. England’s last win on Australian soil? Way back in 2010-11. “It’s evident, we’ve been the dominant side in the Ashes for quite some time. For England to change this narrative, they need to pull off something they haven’t in years,” he stated.

Fans lost sleep, he mentioned, captivated by the Ashes’ intensity. “I’ve received countless comments about the unforgettable Test series. The overall sentiment? Cricket triumphed,” Khawaja reflected. Though a victory would’ve been sweeter, retaining four straight Ashes series spoke volumes. “England faces a challenge. Their last triumph in Australia coincided with my debut. They’ll need a formidable strategy to beat us here,” he asserted.


Switching gears, Khawaja expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming matches against Pakistan and the West Indies. He believes in the strength and promise of Australia’s opening players. Citing examples, he named a few emerging talents.

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“Marcus Harris frequently travels with the squad. Overlooking him as a potential opener for Australia would be naive,” Khawaja observed. He didn’t stop there. “In Queensland, Matt Renshaw showcases his skill brilliantly. He’s already marked his presence with a century in Sydney early in his career. Additionally, Cameron Bancroft, representing WA, has impressed and donned the Australian jersey,” he elaborated.


Khawaja’s passion for cricket remains undiminished. His criteria for continuing are clear and grounded. His reflections on the Ashes reveal a player proud of his team’s achievements yet hungry for more. And as he points towards the future, he’s optimistic about the emerging talents ready to step up for Australia.

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