​Top 5 Longest Reigning US Champions in WWE History

WWE United States Championship or what one calls as the WWE US Championship has been one of the most prestigious belts that has been fought for viciously over the years. All Superstars dream of joining the list of Longest Reigning US Champions. The current holder of the WWE US Champions belt is Austin Theory, and he has been the champion for two times, thereby stamping his authority.


Theory drubbed Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins at the Survivor Series War Games on November 26, 2022, in Boston, Massachusetts to retain the title for himself and his reign of 75 days keep on mounting. Talking about the longest reigns in WWE US Championship, the names that burn bright are from all over the eras since WWE kicked off its glittery brands. Here are the longest reigning US Champions in the history of WWE.

#1 Lex Luger – 523 days

Emerging as the WWE US Champion on May 22nd, 1989, at the House Show event, Lex Luger lifted the title at Bluefield which was aired on NWA Worldwide Wrestling. Luger had some serious timing issues with the industries but his battle against Ric Flair would always go down in history as one of the greatest rivalries.


#2 One of the Longest Reigning US Champions: Rick Rude – 378 days

In 1991, at the Clash of the Champions XVII, in Savannah, Rick Rude defeated Sting to kickstart a title reign that would span for 378 days, underlining the finesse that he brought to the platter. He had support from Paul E Dangerously to eventually put away one of the most iconic stars of all time in a match that went on for 4 minutes 50 seconds.

#3 One of the Longest Reigning US Champions: Dean Ambrose – 351 days

Dean Ambrose was making all the right ripples being a part of one of the most talked about factions in the history of WWE and it was the Shield. Battling Kofi Kingston in 2013 Extreme Rules, he would keep on hammering away at one of the most agile athletes in business for 6 minutes and 49 seconds before finally putting an end to his misery.

#4 Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) – 343 days

Lifting the US title in a two out three falls match at the Judgement Day in 2007, MVP handsomely defeated Chris Benoit to win the championship. This reign saw him span his title reign almost close to a year and he would also carve a legacy that was remarkable to say the least but since then he has been on his own highs and lows.


#5 Nikita Koloff – 328 days

Nikita bagged this title in a house show event and did have to go through hell to actually bag this championship. When he came to the fore, the title was vacant. He had to defeat Magnum A in a best of seven series before eventually trumping over Wahoo McDaniel to unify the NWA National Heavyweight Championship into the US Title on August 17, 1986.

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