Top 4 best finishers in WWE right now

WWE is the home to one of the most illustrious rosters of talented and world-class athletes who mesmerize the audience with their athletic skill, talent, and in-ring day in and day out on live television programming, PLEs, and house shows.

A key component in the arsenal of these WWE superstars is known to be their ‘finishing mover or in other words, ‘finisher.’ Over the years, the fans have seen some spectacular moves used by WWE superstars to finish off their opponents and the tradition has carried on for the roster of the modern era as well. So here is a look at our list of top 4 WWE finishers of current roster members:

1. RKO

The finisher comprising the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment, RKO, is the finisher for Randy Orton. Paying homage to WWE Hall of Famer, Diamond Dallas Page’s Diamond Cutter, Orton has been enthralling the audience with his move and picked up crucial wins in his two-decade-long career with RKOs majorly outta nowhere.


2. Spear

The Spear has been a part of multiple WWE superstars for a long time and came to prominence with Goldberg making it his finishing maneuver. The thunderous move has been most famously associated with The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns in the modern era and has fetched important wins in his career to make him one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time.

3. Cross Rhodes

Another popular finishing maneuver that has garnered significant popularity is the Cross Rhodes, used by the next potential face of WWE, Cody Rhodes. The inverted slam on the mat has been a part of Cody Rhodes’ move set since the very beginning and etched various victories to his resume including his historic triumph over Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40.

4. Stomp

The Stomp finisher came to prominence by one of the most captivating WWE superstars of the modern era, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins using it since his days as a member of The Shield. Although he had abandoned the move for a few years, only to bring it back some time back, and has used it to silence various opponents and pick up
crucial wins in his WWE career.


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