5 Bold Predictions for WWE Draft 2023

A lot of storyline changes awaits us all as the WWE Draft announcement has been made following Wrestlemania 39 and this is those couple of episodes that will be creating all the ruckus, chaos and most importantly a series of storyline changes that would shake up the industry big time.

As the WWE Draft 2023 has been announced already, the anticipations are through the roof and the mercury is absolutely blowing higher than ever. Here are five predictions that may happen during the latest edition of the WWE Draft 2023.

#1 Roman Reigns may head to Smackdown

Roman Reigns is the likeliest to be drafted first under the blue brand. As he continues to be the Universal Champion, it is highly unlikely that Roman will completely lose both the belts from him. However, as things stand the USA Network has reportedly claimed one title under one brand which may force the company to let him go one of his titles.


#2 Bianca Belair may switch her loyalties to the Blue Brand in WWE Draft 2023

Bianca Belair has almost conquered all her oppositions on the Raw brand. Now that she sets sights upon something massive, the next destination can very well be towards the Blue banner where new opposition and grander resistance awaits.

#3 Drew McIntyre may look around for new opportunities on Raw

The Scottish psychopath has been a dominant force and ever since his return as a solo warrior, he has been an absolute brutality upon his counterparts. With only mid-table matches that are being ranked on the higher side, Drew McIntyre would want to head over to a new destination in the form of Raw that may allow him to get a few top-tier matches.

#4 Ring General Gunther may be seen as a possible option by Raw to challenge their heavyweights in WWE Draft 2023

Gunther has established himself as one of the finest wrestlers in the industry currently and will be probably a top pick when Raw comes forth looking for him particularly given the fact that they would get one of the top superstars in the industry who would be one of the finest contenders to lead the show as the face.


#5 Charlotte Flair would also like a shuffle in brands with varied interests in WWE Draft 2023

With the WWE Raw Women’s title in her sight, Charlotte Flair may switch to the Red brand. This would also give her an opportunity to try and target Bianca Belair who has been the all-conqueror. This will also be a dream match for the WWE Universe.

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