“This Has To Stay With You”- Sachin Tendulkar Reveals Why He Returned Virat Kohli’s Retirement Gift To Him

Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are two of the most successful batters in Indian cricket history. Both players have made a name for themselves with their unbelievable consistency and match-winning performances in the international arena. While Tendulkar has retired now, Kohli is still active.

Kohli was new in the Indian cricket team when Tendulkar was already a legend. So when Tendulkar called it a day on his career, Kohli came to him and gifted him the most priceless thing he ever had, a sacred thread that his father had given.

Sachin Tendulkar first took it from Virat Kohli, but returned it to him, saying that the thread should stay with him only because it was priceless. Here’s what Sachin said during his interview with Graham Bensinger:


“And I kept that for a while and then returned that to him again. I said, ‘This is priceless and this has to stay with you and no one else. This is your property. And you should have it till your last breath.’ And I gave it back to him.” 

Virat Kohli can break the all-time record of Sachin Tendulkar in the coming years

Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar are the top two names on the list of Indian players with the most number of centuries in international cricket history. Kohli is currently on 70, while Tendulkar retired with 100 centuries to his name.

Given that Kohli has a lot of years of cricket left in him, it goes without saying that he can break Tendulkar’s record in the coming years. Although it has been two years since Virat last scored a hundred, one should not rule out the chances of him leveling or overtaking Tendulkar one day.


Speaking of Kohli, the star Indian batter will be in action later tonight, playing for the Indian team in the 2nd T20I against West Indies.


Vinay Chhabria is a cricket and WWE enthusiast who supports Roman Reigns and Gujarat Titans. He has been following cricket for the last 15 years and WWE since 2016.

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