“The toilets flush in the opposite direction”- Cathy Kelley Makes 2 Complaints About WWE Tour Of Australia

Grayson Waller has been one of the rising heels in the industry and despite being fairly new, the fans have loved his rise. He is pretty good with the promos but he is still to cut a serious figure. WWE, at the moment, is using him as a comical break and he has done a pretty good job at it. To be honest, it is not easy to work your way up making people smile.

It just isn’t his mic skills that has impressed the audience but his wrestling skills that pushed Edge to the bounds was incredibly brilliant. He rocked and rolled through the ring only to be denied a victory by the Rated-R Superstar. However, since then despite the results going against him, he has impressed the audience with his fighting skills.

However, when he arrived in Australia for the Elimination Chamber, which happens to be his home, a WWE veteran couldn’t really understand what exactly were the fans thinking about this incredibly talented wrestler. Apparently the schticks that come with the heel personality also manuevers the fans to hate one. But when he stepped foot in Australia, WWE Universe was in utter awe of him and gave him a rip-roaring reception.


Here is what Cathy Kelley had to say about Grayson Waller

Well, Cathy Kelley who is a backstage personality in WWE took to X and posted a tricky tweet which left her bamboozled. She said, “The toilets flush in the opposite direction and @GraysonWWE doesn’t get booed? south of the equator is so backwards.”

It is going to be Waller who will play the moderator for Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins on the heated Waller effect where the duo will clarify a few things after the waters under the bridge are no longer flowing but almost barraging through. Who comes out on top, we will wait and watch.


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