4 new things in IPL 2024 which have impressed the fans

Every year, IPL brings forth a few new aspects which make the game more engaging and interesting. Last year, it was the Impact Player rule. It helped the teams bring better quality cricket on the field. This additional subplot also involved the fans. For IPL 2024, there were a few more interesting additions. On that note, in this article, we take a look at the list of four new things in IPL 2024 which have impressed the fans.

1) The two bouncers per over rule

Before the season started, IPL announced that bowlers would now get an option to bowl two bouncers in an over. T20 cricket was gradually becoming a completely batter-dominated game. Hence, it was necessary that some rule was introduced to give an advantage to the bowlers.

With two bouncers allowed, the pacers can experiment more with their tactics. It also makes the batter think really hard. This rule has already been used well by most of the teams. Going forward, the games could become more interesting because of this role.


2) Smart Replay

The smart replay technology is one of the new things in IPL 2024 which have impressed the fans. One of the frustrating aspects of any format of the game is the DRS review. It usually takes time and by the time the decision arrives, many would have even lost interest in the game.

The Smart Replay system now has made it a lot simpler. This technology has allowed the decision-makers to come up with their decision more quickly. The game is moving fast and the fans are enjoying the action more now.

3) The new technology for the stumps

It is hard to innovate every season. However, IPL is making a strong effort to make the tournament more interesting and colourful. The new stumps introduced for this season is making a big impact on the viewing experience of both the fans at the stadium and also those in front of a screen.


BBL also used the Electra Stumps, which had a different colour of glow depending on the situation of the game. For instance, for out, it is different and it is different for a boundary. This additional layer has added an interesting texture to the proceedings.

4) Navjot Singh Sidhu’s commentary

Navjot Singh Sidhu‘s return back to the commentary panel is also one of the new things in IPL 2024 which have impressed the fans. It cannot be called a ‘new’ thing. But for the IPL fans who have started watching the league only in the last few years, the former India cricketer’s presence as a commentator would give a lot of excitement.

It is his voice and his style of commentary that made many viewers watch the pre and post-shows of an IPL match. Even as a commentator, he used to do an excellent job. Apart from catching the attention with his trademark phrases, he also provides a lot of technical and analytical inputs, making the product more interesting to consume.



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