Rikishi Sends A 4-Word Message To Nia Jax After WWE RAW

Nia Jax has been in dominant form ever since her return and the way she has been battling the force of women’s locker room has been nothing short of brilliant. Ever since her return, she has been wrecking the entire locker room and had two encounters with the best in business currently and that is none other than Rhea Ripley.

The matches that she has fought, they have been absolutely brilliant and her constant dedication for pulling off the best is also what has made her return to the ring absolutely brilliant. In a clash with the Man, Becky Lynch, Nia Jax was in firm control until Liv Morgan came crashing upon her which resulted the match being in a DQ.

Now the attack was not to show support for Becky but only to showcase how much Liv Morgan is simply tired of all the nonsense that the Man had created for her. During the entire match Nia Jax did something which took the fans back to the golden days of the actual Bloodline star. Rikishi who was pretty popular back in his time also had a move that would send the entire world crazy and in laughter. The move was stinkface where he would literally sit on his opponent’s face.


Here is what Rikishi had to say about Nia Jax

Nia Jax did the same to Becky Lynch and given the contrasting sizes of the two wrestlers, the move felt like a perfect fit. With all of that being said and done, Rikishi himself loved the use of the move and was quick to take to X or former Twitter in order to laud the manuever.

Rikishi tweeted, “That part, Malo Nia”, which was an ode to the reckoning brilliance of Nia Jax. Jax won’t be a part of the Bloodline contest per se but a few days ago, there was a major rumour that stated that if she does choose to join the Bloodline, then they will have too enforcers and that is going to be brilliant.


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