“He gets four five feet from him and Shawn goes…”- Former WWE Star Describes Backstage Fight Between Shawn Michaels And Marty Jannetty

WWE has seen countless battles which weren’t actually on the reel but real and one of the worst backstage fights happened between two superstars and they were Shawn Michaels and his former tag team, Marty Jannetty. The WWE locker room continues to impress us all and this story is just a living testimony to that.

In the middle of 80s to 90s, HBK and Marty came together as a tag team that was known as the Midnight Rockers. Fast forward time and they were competing as the heartthrob of WWE. They continued to fight under the banner of WWE until 1992. How did it end? Well the heartbreak kid had so much to do as a heel and this was one of his class acts when he delivered a sweet chin music against Jannety.

In a wrestling conversation with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Shane Douglas confessed that Marty allowed HBK to deal business with Vince. Before the split, HBK told Marty that both the superstars are about to be pushed into the limelight as single superstars but then when the latter witnessed the reaction on Vince’s face, things didn’t turn out as he wanted them to.


Here is why Marty Jannetty went after Shawn Michaels

Shane said, “Well, Shawn does his thing and walks off. So, of course, to sell it, Marty’s being tended to and all that. So, Shawn gets back a lot quicker than Marty does. And when you walk to this dressing room, you get these wooden open lockers.”

“So, I’m sitting at mine and Perfect (Curt Henning) is right across from me. To the right was the bathroom, the toilets, and there was a whiteboard Bret would always draw his infamous comics on the thing and Shawn’s bag was right below the whiteboard. So, he comes walking in, goes over to his bag, and several minutes later boom like hard somebody comes slamming through the door. It’s Marty. (…) Marty looks at me, looks at Curt, looks at Shawn and goes, ‘you motherf…’ and starts across the room,” he concluded.

He further added that after the fight, Shawn curls up into a ball and Marty doesn’t hold back his punches. He keeps on hammering away relentlessly. When all of that happened, the others were in shock and the other superstars were still inquisitive about the fact whether this was recorded or not, whether to stop the battle or not. Eventually it was revealed that when Marty got into the gorilla position, Vince told him that if there was something, McMahon would get back to him.


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