Rey Mysterio Took DNA Test to Confirm Father-Son Relationship with Dominik, Shares Result

The WWE Universe has been captivated by the tumultuous relationship between Rey Mysterio and his son, Dominik Mysterio. The father and son tandem began their WWE journey as a united front, enjoying a successful tag team run that thrilled fans.

However, their story took a dramatic turn when Dominik betrayed his father, leading to a bitter feud that shattered the bonds of family. Their shared blood was never in question, but Rey Mysterio recently revealed that he took a DNA test to solidify their father-son connection.

The origins of this familial drama date back to Clash at the Castle when a fissure emerged, eventually leading to their one-on-one showdown at WrestleMania 39. In a battle where father and son faced off, Rey Mysterio emerged victorious, but it did little to mend their fractured relationship. They have since ventured onto separate WWE brands, each entangled in their respective feuds, yet their strained ties persist.


In a candid moment on “Cold as B*lls” with Kevin Hart, Rey Mysterio and the Hollywood star delved into the topic of fatherhood and their respective relationships with their sons. Both men marveled at how their offspring had outgrown them, with Dominik towering over his legendary luchador father at an imposing height of 6 feet 2 inches.

In this light-hearted conversation, Hart inquired if Rey had ever subjected Dominik to a DNA test, to which Rey confirmed that he had indeed taken such a test, providing irrefutable evidence of their shared bloodline.

Is Dominik Mysterio really the son of Rey Mysterio?

While the test confirmed their father-son relationship, it did nothing to mend the emotional wounds that have divided them. Dominik’s association with The Judgment Day faction on RAW contrasts with Rey’s involvement with the LWO on SmackDown, as well as his current reign as the United States Champion.


Despite the conclusive DNA test, it appears that Dominik remains unconvinced about the depth of his relationship with the Hall of Famer. Prior to their explosive showdown at WrestleMania 39, Dominik candidly expressed that he continued to question his mother regarding Rey Mysterio’s paternity. The North American Champion’s uncertainty was compounded by side-by-side comparisons of his father with the legendary Eddie Guerrero, fueling his doubts and curiosity. He humorously contemplated conducting his own DNA test, driven by his desire for answers amidst the ongoing family drama.

While both Rey and Dominik have carved their paths in the world of WWE, the undercurrent of tension and unresolved issues persist. The possibility of another explosive clash between father and son lingers, as the United States Champion’s tenure in WWE remains finite. The Mysterio family saga continues to intrigue fans and remains an emotional storyline worth watching as the WWE narrative unfolds.


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