Punjab Kings Denies Claims Of Snatching Captaincy From Mayank Agarwal

The fabric of Indian cricket has grown so deep over time that every single word that comes out of a fan’s mouth takes a gigantic stride in the air and turns into a full-blown news. Recently, one such incident was that of Mayank Agarwal being shown the gateway from Punjab Kings after a failed 2022. Such was the intensity of the hearsay that the franchise had to issue an official communication about the same, advising otherwise.

In response to rumours of Mayank Agarwal getting the axe for a reticent showdown in 2022, Punjab Kings took to Twitter, citing, “News reports published by a certain sports News website pertaining to the captaincy of the Punjab Kings franchise has been making the rounds in the last few days. We would like to state that no official of the team has issued any statement on the same.”

Here is everything that you know about the rift between Punjab Kings and Mayank Agarwal

The preceding edition of the tournament witnessed, Punjab Kings gathering a formidable line-up but failed to hit the stride after their all-out approach hit a snag with calculated stances from their counterparts. A major problem of their approach was that they lacked sting in bowling. Much to everyone’s surprise the franchise often had bad starts with the middle-order or the lower middle-order coming to the team’s rescue in most of the occasions.


Mayank’s overall haul from the tournament was 196 runs that saw him often getting out while trying to take on the bowlers. Going by the rudimentary of power-hitting, it is predicated on the basic fact that you live by the sword, you die by it.

He was handed over the captaincy after KL Rahul left for Lucknow Super Giants. The reports that claimed that the franchise was contemplating the sacking of their captain was also in talks with Trevor Bayliss and Eoin Morgan to join them in coaching capacity.


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