“Probably the best news , Cricket = ICC Tournaments + IPL”, Twitter reacts as IPL chairman gives an update on the number of games in IPL from the next cycle

It is not unknown that BCCI has been wanting to expand IPL for quite some time now. They took the first big step towards that last season by increasing the number of participating teams from 8 to 10 permanently, with the addition of the Gujarat and Lucknow franchise. The number of matches were obviously increased to 74 matches and it was a change that the Indian cricket fans loved. However, it has now come up that BCCI wants to increase the number of IPL matches even more in the upcoming years to increase revenue. That will also mean the length of the tournament will be stretched largely. 

IPL Chairman Arun Singh Dhuman recently said in an interview, “We will start the new cycle with 74 games then in 3rd year, it will be 84 games and if everything goes well then in 5th year, it will be 94″. We already know that IPL has overtaken many International Sports Leagues in terms of revenue and viewership. With these steps that BCCI is taking, IPL has a chance of becoming the biggest Sports league in the world and that is an exciting prospect for India. 

However, many fans and cricket analysts have also shown their concern regarding this expansion of IPL. Indian cricketers are already becoming very much consumed in the Indian Premier League – so much so that they are often prioritizing their IPL teams over the National Team. 


This is one of the sole reasons why India has not won a single ICC trophy in a long time. With the expansion of IPL, this will keep on increasing and there is a possibility that Indian cricketers will neglect International matches altogether. And that is a dangerous future for Indian cricket. 

Only time will tell what impact this big change tends to have on Indian cricket and we hope for the best.

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