Pro Kabaddi League 2022: Predicting The Starting 7 Of Tamil Thalaivas

The Tamil Thalaivas have been dabbling in the Pro Kabaddi League since the fifth edition of the tournament and yet they are to register something significant in terms of the league table finish. However, the entire equation can change in the forthcoming year as they have managed to register a string of big names who are known for their ability to impact matches by a proverbial mile significantly.

The biggest name that will be doing rounds for the Tamil Thalaivas is none other than their latest inclusion, the star raider for the Bengaluru Bulls in the last year, Pawan Sehrawat. If Pawan’s inclusion was just a boost to the dampened spirits of the Thalaivas, then the addition of Sagar Rathee would go lightyears in providing them the much-needed morale boost.

Here is what the probable starting VII of the Tamil Thalaivas may look like:

However, this is not the first time that the Chennai-based franchise would be housing giants of the sport but somehow every season has failed to see them strike the right balance and the team has tumbled under the pump, failing to stitch together a momentum that walks the mile to propel them to the following rounds.


The latest edition of the PKL auction witnessed the Thalaivas put together a strong squad with hopes of a watershed for the offing to arrive that will be powered by the menacing duo of Pawan and Sagar. Even though the captain has not been decided, yet insider reports state that it would be Pawan Sehrawat to lead the lines for the Thalaivas, after the auction records of the most expensive player was shattered with a splurge of Rs. 2.26 crore for the big man.


Sehrawat will be accompanied by the likes of Ajinkya Pawar and Narender Kandola in the raiding unit that can create significant ripples for the ailing Thalaivas so far. Here is what the probable starting seven for the Thalaivas may look like:

Defenders: Sagar Rathee (Right Corner), Viswanath V (Left Corner), M Abhishek (Right Cover) and Mohit (Left Cover).

Attackers: Ajinkya Pawar (Right In), Narender Kandola (Left In), and Pawan Kumar Sehrawat (Center).


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